If you've ever been told not to play with fire or hit things with a hammer then you're in for a treat, because that's exactly what we expect you to do!


With over a decade of teaching experience between us, we are highly qualified to show you and your students how it's done.


Whilst it may take decades to master the 'king of the trades', we will provide you with a safe and fun environment where you can unleash your inner metal mangler and learn the fundamentals of working with hot steel.


We are proud of the fact that they we have taught people from all backgrounds and abilities from children with alternative learning styles to actual rocket scientists!


Education, social engagement and enjoyment are what we are about. We firmly believe that learning is easier when you're having fun.


If you're a teacher, lecturer or an outreach worker we can work with you to develop tailor made lessons relevant to the needs of the your pupils and the curriculum that they are studying.  We are able to deliver practical hands on classes where students can try forging for themselves or demonstrations where we show what can be achieved with our tools and skills.

We have a special interest in working with students who aren't thriving in mainstream education. Our team can offer the time, patience and understanding needed to work with young people who have specific educational needs.

Our workshop is in Essex but we realise that you won't always be able to come to us and we are able to offer a mobile workshop where we will come to you.