Welcome to the Forge

If you've ever been told not to play with fire or hit things with a hammer then you're in for a treat, because that's exactly what we expect you to do....it's a Forge!


With over a decades teaching experience Ian and his team are highly qualified to show you how it's done and ensure you end your day with everything still attached.  Whilst it may take decades to master the 'king of the trades' We will provide you with a safe and fun environment where you can unlease your inner metal mangler.


We are proud of the fact that they we have taught people from all backgrounds and abilities from children with learning difficulties to actual rocket scientists!

The 'Mobile Forge' service is a unique opportunity to bring a fully working Blacksmiths workshop to your own venue.


Whether it's a festival, a function, a school or a supermarket we will  do something that very few Blacksmiths are willing to do. We will load up a van (even our 'small' anvils weigh over 50kg!) and bring our forge, and unique banter to you.


We offer demonstration days, 'have-a-go' taster sessions and courses of varying durations to suit your needs and budget!

Education, engagement and entertainment are our raison d'etre, (everyone loves having a good time)


We have a dedicated workshop at Lambourne End Outdoor Activity Centre where we are able to work with larger groups and offer more depth courses than we can  with our mobile facilities.


Whether you're a school teacher, university lecturer or an outreach worker we can provide tailor made educational experiences for you and your class based around the current curriculum and keystages.  Our sessions can include practical work, theory or a  demonstration and can be held at our workshop or at a venue of your choosing..